City of St. Petersburg – Transient Docks

Transient Docks Aerial

LMA is completing the design and permitting of a new transient dock facility located at the south end of the Pelican Parking Lot at the St. Petersburg Marina. The LMA team included Woods Consulting, Clarson and Associates and Hahn Engineering.

The dock provides 200′ of linear docking on the outer eastern portion of the dock and approximately 170′ of linear docking space on the inner portion. The number of vessels that moor at any given time will  be dependent on the lengths of the vessels. The proposed transient dock is the “destination dock” and will  provide new moorings for the proposed 15-25 vessels to moor on a  temporary/transient basis while they visit the downtown St Pete area.

The vessels may park short term while visiting the downtown area or stay overnight and will be monitored by the City. All slips and portions of the dock must be used in this capacity to satisfy the Federal Boating Grant requirements per the Federal Grant awarded to the City of St. Pete for this proposed dock.

Both Power vessels and sailing vessels will be allowed to use the dock.

Vessels can range in size up to 60′ however docking and utilization of  the dock will depend on depth, number and size of vessels already docked and length of stay.