Mosaic Remediation Project

The proposed project will include:

1. The connection of the existing Giants Camp marina basin to a newly constructed tidal creek canal. Connection will be via open ditch and culverts as required to assure continued access to the current limestone fill road that goes to the Fiddler’s Cove Environmental Education Center operated by Mosaic and its partners.

2. Removal of accumulated sediment to the east of the culvert location in order to facilitate water flows.

3. Installation of 20 seawall reefs each 48” long x 32” high providing approximately 110 CF of oyster reef and fish habitat. Approximately 1 acre of habitat enhancement within the existing boat basin would result.

4. Construction of approximately 350 LF of east-west connector canal to the west of the proposed culvert to link with the remnant historical tidal creek system that is now largely closed to tidal flows.

5. Reopening over 3,000 LF of tidal creeks to restore tidal creek habitat.

6. Restoration of 1.1 acres of currently dead mangroves due to restriction in tidal flow due to closure of existing tidal creeks by the historical reduction in tidal prism flowing through tidal creeks. With connection of these restored tidal creeks to the Alafia River via the proposed culvert, the tidal prism would be restored to keep the tidal creeks open. Gradual continued closure of tidal creeks due to a reduced tidal prism has created impounded conditions within approximately 20 acres of mangroves where mangrove die-offs have started to occur.

7. Enhancement of 10 acres of currently stressed mangroves with reduced fish utilization due to tidal creek closure and mangrove die-offs.

8. Mitigation for wetland impacts will be provided off-site.

These improvements will increase the tidal flow to the adjacent mangrove forest sufficient to restore the dead mangrove area, enhance the stressed mangrove area and provide water quality treatment to flows from the Alafia River to Tampa Bay . Water quality will improve through assimilation of the nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen as nitrate by mangroves and wetland facilitated denitrification plus filtration and the production of psuedofeaces by oysters.

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